Cum să blowhole să piardă în greutate

In cetology, the study of whales, a blowhole is the hole at the top of the head through which the animal breathes air. In baleen whales, these are in pairs.Dec 2, 2015 But two whales learned otherwise when common soles became lodged either in or just below their blowholes, slowly suffocating them to death.The blowhole is only connected to the lungs and opens and closes to let in air and relase CO2. It is a muscular flap surrounded by a dense nerve net on the .Aug 30, 2016 What to do when your blowhole is blocked? A dolphin has learned to breathe through its mouth instead, even though it's not usually an option .blowhole (plural blowholes). The spiracle, on the top of the head, through which cetaceans breathe. A vent for the escape of gas. A top-facing opening to a cavity .

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este posibil să se piardă în greutate de ghimbir cu lamaie