Farmaciile Green Slimming Cafea in Saratov

Saratov Reservoir (Russian: Саратовское водохрани́лище) is an artificial lake in the lower part of the Volga River in Russia formed by the dam of the Saratov .

Saratov Oblast (Russian: Сара́товская о́бласть, Saratovskaya oblast) is a federal subject of Russia (an oblast), located in the Volga Federal District.

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On 5 October 2012, the second Garden Centre "Sun Green" officially opened in the city of Saratov, Russia. The first Garden Centre opened 2 years ago and, .

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Saratov (Russian: Сара́тов, IPA: [sɐˈratəf] ( About this sound listen)) is a city and the administrative center of Saratov Oblast, Russia, and a major port on the .